Times have changed; our local fitness class now runs online and in-person (from May 26th 2021).

Everybody is welcome! 

It's not just about turning up, it is about joining and helping to build a community, a place you look forward to coming, meeting like-minded people and getting a great workout too!

We spend time prepping the body with some basic mobility, skill drills and movement patterning, a valuable addition to any training session. 

From balance, coordination and flexibility, to strength, stamina and speed, you'll practice the well-known components of fitness in a challenging session with a group of others, making the commitment to get fit and stick with it for good!

Classes are online via Zoom; 

Mondays 6pm

From £6.00

Classes will return outside from May 26th, 2021 at Leyton 6th Form College E10;

Wednesdays 7pm

From £7.00

Weekly and Monthly class packages available.

When we return to in-person training, these exercise classes are perfect for those living in Leytonstone, Leyton, Wanstead, Walthamstow and beyond.

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